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Submitted on
March 20, 2006


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Nude Nation is a series of News articles that explores the artistic nude world one country or group of countries at a time. Issue number 4 features art, artists and models from Australia and New Zealand.

Here they are (in no particular order):

:iconsensualimage: SensualImage
Submission by SensualImageArt of Balance by SensualImageWaiting by SensualImage

:iconscottjamesprebble: scottjamesprebble
Smokestack by scottjamesprebble:bigthumb27803095:Movement in Stillness by scottjamesprebble

:iconmecca8: Mecca8
Sandra X by Mecca8Jacqui 8 by Mecca8Jacqui 6 by Mecca8

:iconthesilversunbeam: TheSilverSunbeam

:iconsometimemaybe: sometimemaybe

Australia and New Zealand have got many more deviants that do excellent Artistic Nude photography than featured above. One is a model and photographer from Brisbane who I have worked with and four others are photographers from Sydney that I have met and/or worked with. I did not feature these people only because I wanted there to be no question of me choosing my friends (such as Tracie, Andy, Dave, Peter and Will hehe). I have not yet decided on the country or region for Issue number 6. Please send me a Note if you have any suggestions of a country and artists to feature. Please do not leave suggestions here.

The previous news issues of Nude Nation are:
Nude Nation 1 – UK
Nude Nation 2 – France
Nude Nation 3 – Russia
Nude Nation 4 – The US

Disclaimer: This article is intended to show a small selection of the artistic nude photography talent that exists in particular countries around the world. It is not suggested that the artists and images above are the best from the relevant country featured. Some countries have many more talented artists than are featured in this article and as such those featured should be considered a sample only.

Artistic Nude Gallery Director
Artist Relations Department

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Are you going to feature a Nude Nation like... Italy? ;)
Yeah go the NZ nude photogs! *rbenson _rawks_.
coolmarvin Mar 24, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
scottb Mar 25, 2006  Professional Photographer
:nod: yes they are :)
qcaudron Mar 22, 2006   Photographer
This is by far the most artistic and interesting episode of Nude Nation. Congratulations to all the mentioned artists !
scottb Mar 25, 2006  Professional Photographer
KylieKeene Mar 20, 2006  Professional Photographer
oh they are so nice, i hope to be heading in this sort of direction. nice to expose some of the local talent!
scottb Mar 21, 2006  Professional Photographer
excellent :D

hehe and yes the models are quite exposed ;) :giggle:
think its a shame that Tracie and Dave and even yourself are not represented here so i thought id include you guys =D=D
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